Ref Eirian Williams puts gloves away

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World Snooker announced today that snooker referee Eirian Williams has decided to retire from snooker circuit and put his gloves away. This happens just as the 2014 UK Championship kick off in York.

Sad news for all the snooker fans and players out there, who had the chance to see or have Eirian as referee in a match. The Welshman has a very scouting eye, a more than elegant posture and such a great and distinct manner to conduct a match.

Williams stated for World Snooker: "I felt it was time to step down and let the younger referees have their time," said Eirian. "I spoke to my family and decided it was the right time to put away my gloves. I've got three grandchildren now and another one to follow in December. Through the travelling I did in the early part of my refereeing career, I missed parts of my own children growing up, and I don't want to do that with my grandkids.

"I will miss the camaraderie on the circuit and a lot of the people I worked with, as well as the chance to see younger referees come through, having worked as an assessor in recent years."

Having a portfolio of matches that any other ref could kill for, Eirian is proud to had supervised no less than four World Championship finals and witness history in the making.

"The 1998 Welsh Open final is one of my fondest memories because it was my first final in Wales and it was won by Paul Hunter. Then of course my first World final was a career highlight, as well as the other Crucible finals.

And alongside that I would put the 2006 Masters final when John Higgins cleared up in the last frame to beat Ronnie O'Sullivan - that was in incredible match.", added the ref for World Snooker.

I can't think of ending this piece with anything else rather than with a huge thank you for everything Mr Eirian Williams has done for snooker over the years and for that little, special treat of granting me an interview three years ago.

Here it is, if you want to take a look at it.