2014 UK Championship - O'Sullivan establishes new record with 147

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Terrific Rocket makes 147
Tremendous cue action yesterday in Barbican Centre from York, as Ronnie O'Sullivan not only qualified easily into the quarter finals of the Coral UK Championship by beating Matthew Selt 6-0, but also wrote another important page in the snooker history book.

The five-time world champion scored an amazing 147 to seal his victory, this setting a new record, even harder to achieve. O'Sullivan's 147 is the 13th of his career as a professional snooker player and the 109th one in history of snooker.

As a bonus, today is his birthday (have a good one Rocket!) so what a better present to get for yourself than a perfect 147 for which Maguire and Morris stopped his match, Selt was in total awe, the crowd was going mad with excitement and the entire snooker planet was up on its feet?

Ronnie opened the match with a break of 76, Matthew missing two great chances to go 2-1 up (he missed a tricky red with the rest on frame two and a pink in frame three), thus leaving the road open for O'Sullivan's rain of breaks.

Maguire advances to the QFs
A 43 clearance, followed by a 61 one were putting Ronnie 3-0 up, while a 53 and an 88 (this was actually Ronnie's first attempt for a maximum) were getting him one step closer to the victory, which as you already know happened 147 points after that.

After the match, the Rocket admitted that he was "shaking like a leaf" during the 147 and joked about the prize money: "Unless the prize is over 40K you ain't getting a maxi outta me!"

The evening ended with Stephen Maguire's victory over David Morris, a victory of 6-3.

Murphy's out
The ice-breaker came from Maguire's part, but Morris drew level at one apiece as soon as the second frame was over, only to be led by 3-1 as the mid-session interval was starting (Maguire hit a 45 and cleared the table with an amazing 108).

David's fans were still hopping for the best, as when their superstar returned into the arena and hit a great 90 break to pull back a frame, but Maguire was going to release his special ball of fire (43, 41, 74 and 41) in order to keep his opponent in the chair and win the match.

Earlier in the day, Shaun Murphy and Marco Fu crossed their cues into a very nervy and tense match, which saw all its frames being played.

Trump's in for the kill
Murphy lost no time into going one away from victory with a marvellous set of breaks (53, 75, 137, 75 and 82) for a 5-3 scoreline, but Fu was going to come back at him.

A terrific battle of nerves which lasted almost an hour, was seeing Fu win his forth frame on the black, the comeback being complete with a 67 break during the next frame.

Shaun had the first chance into making this history, but sadly enough he lost position on 54. Fu missed on 33 and the safety battle began, a safety battle that Murphy lost by snookering himself.

Judd Trump is also through to the quarter-finals after defeating veteran Rod Lawler 6-3, sealing his victory with a beautiful 112.