2014 UK Championship - Trump too strong for Maguire

01:10:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Judd Trump beat Scotland's Stephen Maguire by 6-4 to get himself a nice and cosy place in Sunday grand final of this year's Coral UK Championship.

It has been one hell of a journey for both Trump and Maguire so I guess it was only normal to see these two in a genuinely nerve-breaking semi-final which had all the needed ingredients.

The ice-breaker came from Judd's part, the Bristol-player hitting a break of 57 and a 63 to go 2-0, before Maguire was given a real chance to disturb the balls. Unfortunately for him he missed a long red on 45 Trump making the most of this and going 3-0 up with runs of 24 and 31.

Yet again Maguire put himself out there and made a 54 during frame four, but lost position Trump performing one of his special shots and gathering no less than 79 points to leave his opponent even further behind at 4-0.

Stephen had a lot to think about during the mini-break, so when he returned into the arena, he initiated his comeback sustained by a 50 break, followed by a firm attempt to continue it in the next frame.

Sadly, he was unlucky and missed a red on 39 leaving it right between the jaws of the pocket, Trump getting down for a perfect 100 clearance that was putting him one step away from the final, 5-1.

All odds against him, Maguire didn't give in, a break of 67 helping him pull back another frame, to which he added two tactical ones to go 5-4 behind.

Frame 10 was incredibly tense, the biggest break made being Trump's 29 followed by Maguire's 22. It all got down to fighting on the last red and the remaining colours, until Stephen committed a foul and the scoreline went 49-45 in favour of his opponent.

Placing the cue ball in the balk area Judd potted the green, brown and blue to seal a much-desired and deserved victory for a place in Sunday's final, where he's meeting an old rival of the green baize, Ronnie O'Sullivan.