Stephen Maguire wins 2014 Lisbon Open

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Stephen Maguire proudly showing his trophy
Stephen Maguire beat Matthew Selt by 4-2 to win the Lisbon Open tournament, the last ranking snooker event of the year. However, the competition stands up also for the fact that is the first of its kind to be played on Portuguese soil.

For four long days Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, was on fire, as the snooker lads have come to conquer the land that gave the world many fearless explorers back in the day when we didn't know what lies across the ocean.

Considering this special occasion, Ben Woollaston registered a great 147 by playing Joe Steele, this becoming the 110th in snooker history.

But the biggest round of applause was received tonight, as Stephen Maguire and Matthew Selt entered the arena to cross their cues into the grand final battle.

Maguire and Selt
It all started with Selt's great 78 clearance which was bringing him a fair advantage of 1-0 and the scoreline could have easily gone 2-0, if he hadn't snookered himself on the last blue. 

This was the moment when Maguire seemed to have woken up from the dead, a great clearance of just 22 points levelling the match at one apiece. Must add that the frame was dramatically won on the black.

The next frame opened with Maguire's maximum attempt, which unfortunately materialised in just a break of 100, but it was surely enough to give him a boost of confidence as he was now leading by 2-1.

Selt fought back, a break of 69 making the scoreline go all square again, but Maguire put an end to whatever hope was left for the Englishman (who was actually playing for the first time ever into a ranking final) with runs of 50 and 86.

Stephen singing autographs for fans
A thrilled Maguire admitted that he was absolutely "delighted" to win this weekend and that his opponent was fairly the better player for the last two days, but luckily for him he "didn't show up in the final". 

The MC ended with asking Stephen if he is "on fire" to which the Scottish replied with an honest and big smile on his face: "Yeah, definitely on fire".