2015 Masters - Allen survives the game

19:50:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

After such great displays of snooker the time came for a more peculiar way of playing the game, as Mark Allen and Joe Perry took the stage to dispute their quarter-final match.

After a long and tiring match that features two great players, but not at their best, Allen won by 6-4 to set a semi-final meeting with the winner of tonight's match: Shaun Murphy or Stephen Maguire.

The first session was very edgy, both players struggling to settle in, while the biggest break was Joe's 49 from frame two. This was actually the Englishman's response for Allen winning the opener.

More drama was served to the snooker fans during frame three which Mark won on the black, followed by the fourth one that was conquered with a quite more fluent snooker (runs of 46 and 30) for a 3-1 lead.

Nothing seemed to change after the lads returned from their mini-break, but Joe looked more determined. Hence, he scrapped his way back into the match and levelled the scoreline with a top break of 50.

Allen put his nose back in front at 4-3, but Perry pulled another special break of 67 to draw level once more. 

Although the standard of playing wasn't doing any justice to both cueists, the Northern Ireland player seemed more determined than Joe, so with runs of 55 and 36 ended the Englishman's run in the Masters and secured himself a place in Saturday's semi-final.

After the match, Allen was invited in the BBC interview-room where he joked about his performance: "I was like you (pointing to Hendry) towards the end of your career".

The last quarter-finals match will start, as usual, from 7pm. Two more great names are crossing their cues: Shaun Murphy and Stephen Maguire. Don't miss them!