2015 Masters - Allen too strong for Higgins

18:58:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

It's been a brilliant start for the fourth day of the Dafabet 2015 Masters with the likes of Mark Allen and John Higgins taking the stage, in what was most likely, the best match of the tournament (so far).

Packed with myriad of century breaks and a 147 attempt, the match was finally won by a fierce Mark Allen at 6-4. He will meet up with either Ding Junhui or Joe Perry in the next round.

The beautiful cues-crossing kicked off with an early mistake from Allen (a missed black of its spot), Higgins practically flying around the snooker table and clearing all the balls with a perfect 104, closely followed by a 132 in frame two.

But when the revived Scotsman caught the blue after the break-off shot in the next frame, Allen was there to make the most of it and respond in style with a great 121 break.

Frame four saw Higgins with the first chance, but a missed green with the rest on 59 left Allen in. Still after just 31 points the player from Northern Ireland missed a long red.

Hence the faith of the match was left in the hand of a tactical battle which the two-time Masters champion lost, Mark clearing the table with a 38 break to draw level at 2-2.

After the mid-session interval the snooker battle became more tactical, the players going hand in hand up until 3-3: Allen took a scrappy 5th frame, while Higgins controlled the following one with a 96 break.

A solid 88 points put Allen in charge at 4-3 and by all odds it seemed like Higgins was going to draw level once more, but a missed red with a rest left his opponent in need of just one snooker.

Not only did Allen get the snooker, but he also get a free-ball and cleared with a 40 break to go just one step away from the quarter-finals.

Frame nine was a tremendous one, Higgins trying his luck with what would have been the second 147 of the 2015 Masters, but unfortunately missed on a tough yellow and ended his break at just 120 points.

Allen closed the deal quite easily, frame 10 being won with a 71 break for a comfy seat in the next round.

Next in line for snooker play are Ding Junhui and Joe Perry. LIVE from 7pm.