2015 Masters (the final) - Shaun Murphy completes Triple Crown dream

23:21:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Shaun Murphy beat world number one Neil Robertson by a tremendous 10-2 scoreline to lift this year's Dafabet Masters crystal trophy and see his dream come true - the Triple Crown. 

The Magician won the World Championship 10 years ago, in 2005 and the UK Championship back in 2008. All that was missing was the Masters, so you better tick that box Shaun my boy, for you've won it and you've won it in style.

If during the first session Murphy proved to be totally focused on his goal of crossing that finish-line and almost buried his opponent, the Australian Neil Robertson at 6-2, as the second session kicked off, more drama was to come.

A bit more aggressive, Neil started the 9th frame on a high-note but a missed blue down on 51 was cutting his chance of pulling back a frame short.

A series of safety shots exchange was in order, Murphy being the winner of that and clinching the frame to win his first frame of the evening.

What happened next was majestic: Shaun cued for a brilliant 127 break, added runs of 27 and 38 to go 9-2 up and ended with a 60 break to fulfil his long-time dream.

Gracious in defeat, although clearly devastated to lose by such a scoreline, Robertson congratulated and welcomed his opponent in the "Triple Crown Club" and admitted that although he had a good run throughout the tournament, today he just didn't "produce the goods".

An evidently emotional Murphy recalled the fact that this time last year was seriously considering to give up snooker and he's glad he didn't do it.
He lifted the glassy trophy in front of a packed audience, who cheered for him continuously, and signed autographs although the photographers were craving to take more picture with the newly crowned champion.

Murphy's victory is definitely an inspiration for any snooker player out here and opens the road to the most-waited event of the year: the World Championship. Three months from now we'll be sitting in the Crucible and Murphy is, one might add, a strong favourite for the title.