2015 Masters - Robertson sends Rocket home

18:17:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

The first semi-final of this year's Dafabet Masters and what a thrill it has been! The world number one, Neil Robertson crossed his cue against defending champion Ronnie O'Sullivan in what ended up to be a one-way-street for the Australian and he cruised for a place in the final with a perfect 6-1 scoreline.

Neil started his journey on a high note, a great 100 clearance helping him win the opener, before Ronnie could stand a real chance at the table.

The Rocket was on a very nice 63 break, down on frame two, but unexpectedly missed a black of its sport (which was also frame ball), this proving the be a genuine turning point in the match.

Neil got out of his seat immediately and won the frame on the black with a solid 66 clearance to which he then added a scrappy third frame and a 48 break for a comfortable 3-0 lead.

But just before the interval, Ronnie was shining again: a great century break (a 101 to be more precise, which is also his 777th one) got him the first frame of the match. Sadly enough though it would soon prove to be his only frame.

Frame five handed O'Sullivan a very good chance to add more points to his poor collection, but he overstretched for a red and missed it, Neil taking advantage and winning one more frame, this time with a break of 58.

A scrappy six frame also entered into Aussie's pocket, although Ronnie had a few chances that unfortunately missed to fructify, thus the scoreline ended on 5-1 in favour of the world number one.

No less than 32 minutes passed since Ronnie's last pot, so the Englishman started the last frame at full speed. But too little table time proved to be costly for the five-time Masters champion as he failed to pot a tough yellow, this leaving Robertson with the chance to close the deal.

A break of 60 proved enough to freeze the scoreboard at 6-1. Neil Robertson is in the final!

His snooker partner will be either Shaun Murphy or Mark Allen. Don’t miss out on snooker, tonight from 7pm to find out the "snooker couple" that will play in Sunday's final!