2015 Masters - Terrific Robertson lands in semis

00:32:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

An incredibly well cued snooker was displayed tonight at Alexandra Palace, as Neil Robertson beat Ali Carter by 6-1 to set a very intriguing meeting with the defending champion, the man that has just established a new record, Ronnie O'Sullivan.

The match started with a perfect 128 clearance made by the Aussie, closed followed by runs of 46 and 57 that were taking Neil at a new level: not only was he 2-0 up, but also denied Carter to score any points during those first two frames.

The third frame had drama written all over it, as the Captain got an early chance and was building himself a nice break only to be forced to end it on a 63 after losing position.

In need of one snooker Robertson fought back and actually got it, plus a free-ball (the leitmotiv of this tournament, one might add), but in the end Carter succeeded to clinch the frame.

A tricky black stopped the 2012 Masters champion to score yet another century break (break of „just" 98) down on frame four, but it was enough to get him 3-1 up at the interval.

Carter got a lifeline just after the mini-break, Neil missing a tricky red which stopped his break at 47, but unfortunately the fact that he didn’t get much time on the table affected the Englishman, thus missing a relatively easy pink to the left middle pocket.

From this point one it was almost a one-way street, as Robertson fired in breaks of 127 (total clearance) and 84 to win by 6-1 and set a meeting with Ronnie O'Sullivan this Saturday.

The last of the remaining quarter-final matches will take place this Friday as it follows:

Joe Perry v. Mark Allen

Stephen Maguire v. Shaun Murphy