2015 German Masters (the semis) - Murphy reaches final spot

17:51:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Murphy's aiming for another ranking title
Shaun Murphy beat China's Liang Wenbo by 6-4 to get a grab at the first free spot in tomorrow's 2015 German Masters Final. And after his recent Masters win, it's easy to guess that he's after another trophy.

The first semi-final of this year's magical German Masters started on a very high note, Murphy wining the first frame on the black, adding a majestic 141 clearance to bag the second one and making the best of Wenbo's missed red down on 38, with runs of 45 and 31 to go 3-0 up.

It was looking like a one-way traffic snooker affair, but Wenbo managed to disturb Shaun's inner peace with a break of 90 just before the mid-session interval.

After a few minutes of tea and biscuits the players re-started their snooker dispute, Liang continuing his comeback with a great 106, followed by a very tense and thrilling 6th frame won with just a top break of 34.

Wenbo put Murphy in quite some trouble
Now that the comeback was completed, the next best thing for Wenbo was to turn-tables against his opponent and that's exactly what he did.

Despite the fact that Murphy had a solid contribution of 40 points he unexpectedly missed yellow and that was all that the Chinese player was waiting for in order to capitalise. That's how the scoreline turned into his favour, 4-3.

But when Liang failed to pot a red early on in frame eight, Murphy proved to be merciless, a break of 65 re-establishing the balance of the match, while a spectacular 145 clearance and an 89 break were smoothing Shaun's path into the final.

"The Magician" waits now for the winner of the second semi-final (Mark Selby v. Stephen Maguire) which starts at 7pm (UK time).