2015 German Masters (the semis) - Selby lands in final

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Selby is meeting Murphy in the final
Mark Selby booked himself a place in Sunday's final of this year's German Masters after a majestic win of 6-2 over Scotland's Stephen Maguire. Hence, “the Jester" is set to meet an old rival of the green baize, the recently crowned Masters champion, Shaun Murphy.

The second semi-final started on a similar note as the previous one, Selby practically flying at 3-0 up with a bit of help from breaks of 68, 94 (clearance) and 73.During all this time Maguire was doomed to remain in his seat, his biggest break being 8!

But as the mid-session interval was approaching, the Scottish player took advantage of an early missed red (which bared Selby's signature) to hit a perfect 74 break and win his first frame of the day.

Maguire just didn't settle
A few minutes later the cues battle restarted, but the fact that Maguire didn't have too much table time was showing as he took his chances with a long red and sadly enough fail to pot it. 

This gave Selby the opportunity to get in amongst the balls and hit in runs of 44 and 55 to go 5-1, to which he added a 89 clearance, in frame six, to strategically position himself one away from victory.

Stephen managed to keep the match alive one more frame, which was bagged with a good 59 break, but Selby paved his road towards the final with runs of 56 and 46.
So after four days of thrilling snooker we have a classical clash of styles: Shaun Murphy against Mark Selby.

Don't miss out on your doctor recommendation and turn your telly on at 1pm (for the first session) and 7pm (for the second session) - UK time. It's guaranteed to be a blast!