2015 Welsh Open (the final) - Higgins leads after first session

18:14:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

After eight frames of intense snooker that have featured the names of John Higgins and Ben Woollaston, the Scotsman is in the leading chair by 5-3 and needs only four more frames to win this year's Welsh Open rocky trophy.

It's the 7th day of  "snooker made in Wales" and the stakes are higher than ever, as two of the 128 players that started their snooker journey on Monday, are crossing their cues for the ultimate win: the Welsh Open crown.

The final made its debut with a pretty eager John Higgins, the Scotsman clearing the table with an 84 break to take the opener, but Ben was sure to respond immediately with a 58 break and draw level.

Still, by the mid-session interval it was crystal clear who the man in charge was. Higgins used a break of 63 to regain his leadership position and a great 105 to move 3-1 in front.

However, after the mini-break was over, Woollaston pulled back a frame with a 54 to which Higgins replied with a 66 to re-open the two-frame gap. It was 4-2.

Once again, the stubborn boy with golden hair did his best and clinched a scrappy 7th frame to go just one behind his opponent, only to see the history repeating itself in just a few minutes time.

Although Ben was the first one in, during frame eight, he missed a red down on 59, John coming to the table. But it wasn't to be a one-way visit, as the Scotsman missed the green on 47.

The safety shots battle begun, only to see the snooker Gods taking sides when John fluked the previously missed green in the left pocket. He cleared the table with a 25 to win the frame on the black and establish a hard-fought 5-3 advantage after the first session.

The match will see its conclusion tonight, the snooker action re-starting from 7pm. So, what do you say? Will we have a new Welsh Open champion, or will John be winning his 4th Welsh crown?