2015 Indian Open - Michael White crowned king in Mumbai

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Michael White - the 2015 Indian Open champion
Michael White beat Ricky Walden by a spectacular 5-0 scoreline to lift the Indian Open crown and record his first win of a major ranking event. 

This victory comes shortly after the Welshman conquered the "fast and furious" Shootout title, eight days ago in Blackpool, but more importantly it means he moves right next to the borders of the Top 16, on the 17th place, to be more precise.

The 23-year-old lad started his Indian journey by taking on Cao Yupeng, whom he beat 4-3, followed by Matthew Selt, Li Hang, Chris Wakelin and fellow country-man Mark Williams all four being defeated with a 4-2 scoreline.

The final battle was to face the slender "Stamina-man" Ricky Walden, but Michael proved to be unstoppable in his quest to capture his first ranking title.

Ricky Walden - the 2015 Indian Open runner-up
The Welshman opened with a perfect 81, followed by an avalanche of breaks like 77, 45, 41 and 58 in order to fly at 4-0 up.

The interval was kicking off after just 51 minutes of pure snooker and pure madness. Walden was doomed to sit in his chair and when he finally got the chance to disturb the balls, he didn't make the most of it.

A few minutes later the lads re-entered into the arena, only to see a speedy and flawless 85 break fired by White. The scoreboard was now showing a 5-0 scoreline and it was crystal clear that Michael White was champion.

Interestingly enough, Michael White's victory of 5-0 continues the "tradition" installed a year ago, when Ding Junhui beat local star Aditya Mehta by the same scoreline to lift the Indian trophy.

White performs the whitewash of his life to win maiden title
Clearly over the moon, Michael received his trophy after a ceremony that took forever (I think it's fair to say that the Indian ceremonies are longer than the Chinese ones).

And now up we go to our newly crown champion's country – Wales - for the World Grand Prix tournament due to start this Monday. 

Yes, more snooker coming our way! Told ya March is a busy, busy month, didn't I?

P.S. I apologies for the crappy photos, but the online stream was incredibly bad (as was the sound, but thank God I'm not doing podcasts)