2015 World Grand Prix (the semis) - Snooker from A to W-hitewash

23:36:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

It's been one hell of the day here at Cymru Venue from Llandudno where the semi-finals of the 2015 888.com World Grand Prix were disputed. A day of pure snooker that had it all: comebacks, whitewashes, drama, misses, century breaks you name it!

The day started with the clash between Judd Trump and Martin Gould, a match that proved to be an epic one as Trump managed to comeback from a 5-1 deficit and win the cue-battle.

Gouldy was the first to test the waters, breaks of 50 and 87 offering him a perfect 2-0 lead before Judd could have a genuine chance to disturb the balls and make a perfect 121 break in order to win his first frame of the day.

But when he inexplicably missed a yellow down on 33, during frame four, Gould was there to capitalise with a 35 break which added to a previous 33 were winning him one more frame to go 3-1 up.

The "Pinner Potter" didn't stop here and continued his beautiful cruise with breaks of 47, 53 and a 111 clearance which practically threw him just one away from victory, at 5-1.

And then it happened. The comeback from hell! Trump stormed in with a rain of breaks (55, 40 and 61) to go shoulder-to-shoulder with his opponent and force the decider.

Martin, spending most of his time in his seat and losing his momentum, made an early mistake by trying to pot a long red and missing it, thus granting Judd the chance to come at the table. 

Breaks of 37 and 59 were enough to guarantee Trump a place in Sunday's final, while a devastated Gould congratulated him and left the arena in a hurry. 

Now, I don’t know about you but for me all this made him have a deja-vu feeling of the 2010 World Champion match between Gould and Neil Robertson.

So, after a dramatic first semi-final we were bound to have another one, right? Wroooong!

Ronnie O'Sullivan and Stuart Bingham match was anything but dramatic! Well, maybe it did involve the word drama but only for poor Stu who was whitewashed by 6-0!

Interestingly enough the semi-final was refereed by Marcel Eckardt (Ronnie's special friend who stood between him and "at least three century breaks” during his Last 16 match) but this time there weren't any complaints. At least not there right in the open.

O'Sullivan opened with a break of 45 to which he added an 88 clearance and breaks of 72 and 89 to fly 4-0 up as the interval was kicking off. Now, it wasn't vintage stuff but it did the trick, more since Bingham was not really in the arena. 

After the mini-break Ronnie continued demolishing with runs of 33 and 77 to end businesses at 6-0 and set an interesting meeting with the player that it is thought that will continue the list of big names (S. Davis, S. Hendry. R. OSullivan), Judd Trump.

In the interview after the match Ronnie seemed more positive and more relaxed than the last time we saw him, admitting that he feels a lot better around the table and saying "it's good to show a bit of frustration, for it shows you care".

So, here we are: it's down to just two players and only one trophy! The ultimate battle starts this Sunday from 1pm (first session) and will see its conclusion from 7pm (UK time). 

Are you ready? On your marks, get set, cue the action!