2015 World Seniors Championship (Day 2) - Woaaah, we're half way there ...

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John is going to the victory here
The second day of this year's World Seniors Championship is almost over and we'll soon find out the name of our new champion. 

I say new, because sadly enough Steve Davis, the defending champion, lost in the quarter-finals.

This also applies to the previous winners or this tournament, Darren Morgan, Jimmy White and Nigel Bond.

So, if you read my previous blog post, you know that today marked the start the quarter-finals battle, the first match being John Parrott v. Paul McPhillips.

John showed quite a bit of form in his previous match and hit some pretty good breaks, so it was no surprise to see him perform the first whitewash of the day.

Despite a nervy start, John hit a break of 40 points to take the opener and land on a veritable drama on the second frame of the match.

Ken will face his fellow country-man in the semis
After missing quite a few balls and granting his opponent a free ball, it kind of seemed like this was going to a decider, until McPhillips missed the pink and John returned to pot it for a 2-0 victory.

Next in line, Ken Doherty and Darren Morgan - a match that most of us were expecting, both players having quite a good run of the ball.

Morgan was the first one in, but he hit a red way too soft this ending his break at just 30, "The Darling of Dublin" taking advantage and responding with a 76 break to bag the first frame.

The second frame seemed as dramatic as Parrott v. McPhillips one and scrappy as well. However, Darren looked favourite to win it, until he missed a red and left in on down on the green pocket, Ken returning to seal his 2-0 victory.

Defending champion Steve Davis had to cope with a merciless Fergal O'Brien and unfortunately he didn't manage.

Defending champ, Steve Davis goes home
It was just a matter of minutes before the match was over and the "modern day vampire" (as Steve called him) would win by 2-0 after hitting in breaks of 74 and 58.

After the match Steve joked about the fact that he "always hated Fergal", but he soon turn serious in congratulating his opponent and saying "you don't get in and remain on the Main Tour by playing other than O'Brien."

The last to reach the semis is Mark Williams who beat Dominic Dale by the same 2-0 scoreline.

So, from 7pm (UK time) I invite you to see the semis, closely followed by the final.

7pm Mark Williams v. John Parrott
8pm Fergal O'Brien v. Ken Doherty