2015 World Seniors Championship - Mark Williams wins seniors crown

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Mark Williams, the 2015 World Seniors champion
Mark Williams beat Ireland's Fergal O'Brien by 2-1 to lift this year's World Seniors Championship trophy. 

"The baby" of the competition (as Steve Davis named him) joked about the fact that he can hardly wait for the next year tournament to properly defend his title, for he will be old enough (up until 21st of March he's still 39 years old).

It's been quite a journey for Mark Williams, as the Welshman has to travel from Gdynia, Poland and rush in Blackpool in less than a day in order to take part in the competition.

He obtained victories of 2-0 against Darryn Walker, Dominic Dale and John Parrott, only to be left facing the second most dangerous player of the snooker event, Fergal O'Brien, in the final.

The first one in was the Irishman who made a great clearance of 39 points up until the pink, in order to take the opener, but Williams responded with a great 73 break during the second frame and runs of 21 and 47 in the third to go pass the finish-line.

Oldie? Neaaaaaaah!
Happy about his win, but clearly stating that he doesn't want to "get ahead of himself" for this event meant only a few players and a very short format, Williams thanked Steve Davis (the previous defending champion) for something he said to him before the match.

Now, we don't know what, but it wasn't something "interesting" as Mark pointed out, so presumably it must have been inspirational of some sort. The plot thickens ...

Bottom line, we have a new champion and although it sounds weird to say Williams is a senior champion now, he did win it fair and square, so congrats to him.

Also, congratulations to Fergal O'Brien, this "modern day vampire" (to quote Steve Davis yet again) for a great display of snooker shots, century breaks and positive attitude.

We are to stay in Blackpool a few more days for tomorrow the Shootout begins, a tournament I can't be bother to cover for I find it no purpose whatsoever. Also, I have work to do.

See ya soon my dear chums!