Selby gets China Open title

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Current world champion, Mark Selby beat world number 56 Gary Wilson by a decisive 10-2 scoreline to win this year's China Open trophy and prove that three's a lucky charm; the Leicester player was involved in two China Open finals over the years (2011 and 2013) but lost to Judd Trump and Neil Robertson respectively.

Despite accusing neck pains, the same ones that made him pull out of this precise tournament three years ago, Selby kept going and managed to overpass this incident that will "get treated" once he gets on home soil, as he himself declared.

The final battle was a one-sided one so the fireworks we witnessed during these last days in Beijing were not to be seen today, but that doesn't mean the lads didn't perform some good-old-fashioned snooker for us.

Mark was the one to fly at 3-0 up using just a top break of 51, before his opponent could react and made a solid 91 to win his first frame of the match minutes ahead of the mid-session interval.

However, this was going to be Gary's only significant contribution in the first session, for Selby used a 54 and a brilliant 145 to go 8-1 up.

And yes, for those wondering that 145 break is the highest of the tournament, casting a tiny but important shadow over Shaun Murphy's 143 break made earlier this week.

The final session started with the same 2015 German Masters champion in command, another century break (this time a total clearance of 136) throwing him just one away from the finish-line.

Wilson did his best and kept the match alive for one more frame as he hit a courageous 101 break, but Selby sealed that much-awaited victory with runs of 28 and 42.

So just before the grand Sheffield-madness where Selby must try and defend his world champion title and break the Crucible-curse by doing so, he gets one more "slice" (£85,000) of the victory cake and grabs the golden plate trophy.

The Chinese organisers also made him a surprise and tried to draw his picture on the award parchment that was handed to him along with the trophy. 

Gary Wilson didn't leave empty handed either, the Englishman receiving an award for "best progress", not to mention the runner-up prize money (£35,000) and the experience of have played in a major ranking final.

So this is it peeps, we are approaching that time of year when the World Championship is just around the corner and the buzz gets bigger and bigger.
You know you are hopeless when you get goose bumps just by watching a Worlds promo on EuroSport.

We're marching to Sheffield!