2015 World Championship (Day 13) - Murphy & Bingham take lead

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The first session of the mighty 2015 World Championship semi-finals took place today in a packed Crucible theatre arena with only one majestic table to play balls on.

The thrill was amplified by the fact that all the four remaining contestants realise the magnitude of what's happening now and that all eyes are on them. There is no turning back, there is no room for mistakes, for this is the last stop before the grand finale.

First match: Shaun Murphy v. Barry Hawkins. Here things looked something like this: Murphy made his appearance in a blue & red outfit and wearing Al Capone look-alike shoes while Barry adopted a more conservator style of a white shirt and a light-blue waistcoat.

Snooker related though, the man wearing the dandy shoes was also the one who dominated the session.

Murphy started with a brilliant 92 break to take the opening frame and when his opponent broke down on 63 after missing a red, he was there to capitalize with a 44 clearance to go 2-0 up.

Runs of 38, 23 and 29 were helping the same Murphy get one more frame, while the last before the interval had written "insane" all over it! 

A bit scrappy, but a great display of safety shots the 4th frame saw the lads stuck at 51-53 (in favour of Barry) with only the black left on the table.

Funnily enough though, Shaun potted that black along with the cue ball, thus granting the frame to an embarrassed Hawkins. 

After the 15-minutes break the Smurf extended his lead by recording the first century break of the semi-finals (105), but Hawkins responded with a 69 to trail 4-2.

Clearly still feeling Wednesday's night fatigue (when he ended up playing those thrilling frames against Neil Robertson), Hawkins was a bit out of touch with the re-clothed table, while Murphy was flying 6-2 up by hitting in breaks of 138 and 79.

The evening brought with it two more wonderful players, Judd Trump and Stuart Bingham starting their snooker battle.

Until the mid-session interval (ended on 2-2) the lads went hand-in-hand, sharing frames and entertaining the audience with their snooker skills.

But as soon as they returned from their cabins, Bingham was the one who shoot the first bullet, breaks of 49 and 74 putting him 4-2 ahead.

It must be said that Judd had a terrific chance in frame six, but a missed red on 56 gave his opponent the chance to go two frames ahead.

Still, the powerful Bristolian captured himself the 7th frame with a 75 break before the session was closed with a 76 signed by Bingham who is now the proud owner of a 5-3 lead.

More tension, drama and fashion display to come our way ...

Shaun Murphy v. Barry Hawkins (6-2)

Judd Trump v. Stuart Bingham (3-5)

Shaun Murphy v. Barry Hawkins (3rd session)

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