2015 World Championship (the Final) - Bingham turns tables

18:58:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

The 2015 Betfred.com World Championship final is underway and at this precisely moment (hoping you are not reading this on Tuesday or 10 years from now, because it will make little sense) Stuart Bingham has managed to turn the tables against Shaun Murphy and get himself into the leading position, 14-11.

After a first session that finished on a draw (4-4), Shaun Murphy got a 9-8 lead at the end of the second, but Bingham was going to change that in a blink of an eye (cliché alert!).

A break of 87 was responsible for drawing level, while a really easy missed red from Shaun down on 23, permitted Bingham to come to the table for a 51 in order to take the lead for the first time since the beginning of the final.

Frame 20 could have been an important page in snooker's history book, for Stuart was on a roll for making a maximum break (hard to believe but no one had ever scored a 147 in the final of the World Championship), but he got very unlucky in getting position for the last red and the break ended on 112.

One more frame was added to Bingham's generous collection with a half-a-century break, thus the scoreboard showing a 12-9 scoreline at the mid-session interval. Worrying times for the Smurf!

Still, as the lads retuned into the arena, a quarter of an hour later, Murphy managed to pull back a frame with a top break of 59 which got as a reply as determined 87 from Bingham. This wasn't going to be easy!

One more time Murphy got into the balls and fired an 84 break to reduce his deficit, but as before Bingham fought back and retained the three-frame lead with a top break of 57.

So, at 14-11 Stuart Bingham looks favourite to win especially since he only needs four more frames and he's cueing beautifully, but bare in mind the fact that Murphy is an ex-world champion with a lot of stamina and a tremendous season of snooker. 

This isn't going to be easy and we might just see a decider here, but whatever the result this is by far, one of the greatest World Championship's finals.

Boys will come back for their final session at 7pm (UK time). May the best man win!