Happy birthday Judd Trump!

18:48:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Today we are celebrating "The Ace in the Pack" Judd Trump who is turning 26!

To talk about Judd's achievements up until this age is clearly unnecessary, for we all know what a tremendous player he is, but I can't miss on mentioning the fact that many have regarded him as the one player most suitable for the position of carrying the "fast & furious" way-of-playing-snooker-torch from his predecessors (O'Sullivan, White, A. Higgins).

Truth be told, Trump is an entertainer and snooker is getting really "naughty" when he is at the table. He's had some really interesting snooker encounters with Ronnie over the years and I think we can all agree, it was a genuine delight to see them play.

Last season saw Trump lifting the Australian Goldfields Open trophy, getting the runner-up spot in both the UK Championship Final and Champion of Champions, only to take revenge of the man who robbed him of those two chances and win the World Grand Prix against the one and only Ronnie O'Sullivan.

To these he also added a great run in the Crucible madness, where he reached the semi-finals before losing to the current world champion, Stuart Bingham.

Now, with the new season barely started, we wish Judd all the best and of course, to lift as many trophies as possible.