Michaela Tabb settles matters with World Snooker

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Former World Snooker female referee, Michaela Tabb has reached an agreement with World Snooker's representatives after presenting her case in front of Bristol Employment Tribunal.

Tabby vanished from refereeing professional snooker matches ever since the end of the 2014 Australian Goldfields Open tournament which left the fans with a huge hole in their hearts.

But what seemed like a "silence curtain" was actually a real struggle for the 47-year old Michaela who took part to appraisals and grievance meetings up until December 2014, according to heraldscotland.com.

Snooker fans already know that this was followed by the sad news of her departure from World Snooker, which was announced in March 2015 and which was followed by a court case that started only last week in Bristol, on the grounds of  "sex discrimination, unfair dismissal and breach of contract". More on this here.

According to the same heraldscotland.com, Tabb told the tribunal that the problem started when she wasn't paid a £1,000 bonus, which her male colleagues duly received, but Steven Dawson, World Snooker chief executive officer, said she did not get the bonus because she had not attended the 2014 awards dinner - and not because of her sex.

Today, World Snooker released a short statement which reads: 

"Michaela McInnes (Tabb) and World Snooker Limited have come to a confidential accommodation regarding the claims brought by Mrs McInnes in the Employment Tribunal."

No further comments were made from both Tabby's representatives or World Snooker's.

You can read more on this subject on heraldscotland.com but also on theguardian.com