2016 Masters (Day Seven) - O'Sullivan sets rematch with Hawkins

10:59:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

The second and last semi-final of this year's Dafabet Masters tournament saw Ronnie O'Sullivan beating the current world champion, Stuart Bingham 6-3 in order to set a final clash with the man he also defeated back in 2013 in the final of the World Championship, Barry Hawkins.

The match started very well for Bingham, whose break of 63 was breaking the ice and giving him the opening frame, but when we reached the mid-session interval things looked a bit worrying, as he was being led 3-1.

Although Ronnie's performance during the first session was far from his best, he did manage to produce some absolute crackers, plus a top break of 70 to drink his tea in peace during the mini-break.

When returning into the arena, O'Sullivan put on one of his own special century breaks, a perfect 121 to extend his lead and made the most of a 6th frame despite Bingham making a pretty solid 67 break. The scoreline was now 5-1.

The next frame made us hope for fireworks, as Bingham was on a 147, but he sadly missed the black on 81. Still, it meant he won that frame to which he carefully added the next to keep his hopes up for a full comeback.

But the last frame came with a lot of tension and down to the last red, O'Sullivan showing his brilliant cue-work and getting over the line to get the last seat of Sunday's final.

16 players have started this snooker show one week ago but only 2 remain: Ronnie O'Sullivan and Barry Hawkins. Who will prevail the final and ultimate test?

Find out today from 1pm and 7pm (UK time). 

Photo credit: Monique Limbos