2016 German Masters (the semis) - Brecel lands in final

01:31:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Belgium's best, Luca Brecel recorded a 6-3 victory in front of Kyren Wilson in order to book his place in Sunday's final of the German Masters.

Although the semi-final wasn't a pretty sight, to hell with it, even Luca admitted he didn't perform well, it was a nice display of what youth can achieve on top quality conditions (playing on a faster table, in front of a huge audience with all eyes on you knowing what’s at stake etc.)

The opening frame lasted for about 45 minutes and it dramatically ended on the black, which Brecel potted in order to get his first frame on board.

Minutes later he added two more thanks to runs of 32,48 and 44. It was 3-0 and Kyren's mistakes were just too many to allow him to make a difference on a scoreboard.

Still, he did manage to break the ice and win his first frame of the match just before the mid-session interval and add a really scrappy one when returning into the arena, to trail 3-2.

By now the pace of the match was slowing down, kicks seem to take over everything and the misses were one too many.

Despite being the one with less TV experience, Brecel seemed a bit more composed this allowing him to recover from his Peter Ebdonesque state of mind and hit a 67 break in order to re-open a two frame gap, at 4-2.

Wilson tried his luck but all he could manage was one more scrappy frame, Brecel ending his pain with breaks of 63 and 43.

Surely not everyone's cup of tea, but definitely a semi-final that had two players who experienced way too much pressure by being put on the spot-light.

Putting that aside, we have a final this Sunday so whatever nerves or tension the players might be feeling, it must be erased, for it's game on!

Martin Gould and Luca Brecel are starting their cues-crossing from 1pm (UK time) only to resume it from 7pm (UK time). Stay tuned!