2016 German Masters (the semis) - Gould pots for final spot

19:14:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Martin Gould beat Graeme Dott 6-2 in order to book his place in tomorrow's 918.com German Masters final, after quite a tense match.

"The Pinner Potter" is no stranger from reaching finals, last year seeing him go all the way to getting a pass into the huge and glamorous Australian Open final, which he sadly lost to John Higgins by a tight 9-8 scoreline.

This time though, he seemed determined to try his luck once more and prove he can do it and although the semi-final wasn't a glorious one and Martin was far from his best, one of the final two spots has rightfully his name on it. 

The battle started with a 30-minutes opening frame, which was finally cashed by Gould and continued with Dott trying to settle in, but clearly failing to do it. 

The scoreline tells the story, at the interval Martin being 4-0 up thanks to runs of 46, 38 and an 87 clearance.

When returning into the arena, Dott tried his best to catch up with his opponent but he only managed to win one frame before Gould went just one away from victory thanks to a top break of 53.

Dott still managed to grab one more frame, the 7th one, in order to prolong the suspense, but Martin made the most of an incredibly tense final frame for which he had to clear the table up until the pink.

The second semi-final will feature the names of Kyren Wilson and Luca Brecel, so be ready for we will kick off at 7pm (UK time) with what I presume will be another cracker. 

Oh, and for all the Romanian people reading this, yes the semi-final will be refereed by Alex Crișan. Twitter is right ... as always :-P