Barry Hearn press conference: 10-year deal with EuroSport

17:14:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

As promised on 20th of April, during Barry Hearn's first press conference, today is the day for the big announcement which, as the title says it is 10-year deal for broadcasting World Snooker events on EuroSport.

The World Snooker chairmen, Mr Barry Hearn made the announcement public, a few minutes ago, in a press conference held at the Crucible theatre from Sheffield, stating that "if this is not the biggest ever announcement of World Snooker, is definitely ONE of the biggest ones".

Hearn continued: "We are delighted to announce a 10-year deal with EuroSport for all major snooker events controlled by World Snooker coupled with a new 10-year deal with EuroSport on the Home Nations series that begins in October this year."

In latest years, EuroSport has proved a true asset and a genuine promoter of snooker, covering the European Tour series along with the major ranking events which were nationally broadcast in the UK.

Taking into account the new structure of the coming season and the fact that we have new tournaments across Europe (NA even one in Romania - I know, I am bias) this is indeed tremendous news.

And if we are to sum up everything with the fact that EuroSport has been constantly improving its broadcasting and bringing in snooker players like Ronnie O'Sullivan, Jimmy White or Neil Robertson (just to name a few) to commentate & give their insights on the televised snooker events, this is definitely a great idea that will have a positive impact on making snooker widely known and appreciated.

This is, as Hearn described it, a "wedding day bliss".

The entire press conference can we followed here.