Getting ready for a #SnookerTitans weekend

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As many of you know I am living in a far, far away land called Romania and this means live snooker has always been a rare treat for me, as well as for the rest of the Romanian snooker fans. But that started changing last November when Ronnie O'Sullivan and Stuart Bingham (plus the beautiful Michaela Tabb) made their first visit to Romania.

This weekend the same Ronnie O'Sullivan is returning to Bucharest for some exhibition matches and he's not coming empty handed for he is bringing 3 more #SnookerTitans with him: Stephen Hendry, Jimmy White and Mark Williams.

The events are due to take place at the same Circus Arena from Bucharest on 2nd & 3rd
of April and are part of the #SnookerTitansTrophy series organised by Mr Adrian Thiess from McCann/Thiess Events.

The snooker weekend will make its d├ębut with the press conference (established to take place at 11am at Manufaktura by Doncafe Cafe from Mega Mall), closely followed by an autograph session with the Romanian fans which will definitely be thrilled to get their photos or books signed and maybe even get the chance for an "good old fashion selfie" with the #SnookerTitans.

Back to the real deal though, the snooker show will start at the Globus Circus Arena on Saturday from 5.30pm the first two to greet the hungry audience being Stephen Hendry and Mark Williams.

Two hours later and "The Rocket" Ronnie O'Sullivan will "initialize launch" in the arena, his close friend Jimmy White starring in the role of his opponent.

Sunday will follow the same pattern, the first match being disputed between the players who lost their opening match and the second one (which can be very easily be called - the final -) being played between Saturday's winners.

So, two evenings of pure snooker with some of the greatest players in the world. What's not to like about that? If you ask me, it's a genuine snooker treat for every real snooker fan out there.

I for one, was very sad when Hendry announced he's retiring from professional snooker back in 2012 and thought to myself I will never get the chance to see him play. Luckily I was wrong.

Jimmy White is one of the players who made the game what it is today, his unique cue-style being a real inspiration for players like Ronnie O'Sullivan, while Mark Williams is and will probably remain one of those rare mix of talent, wit and dark humour that makes snooker funnier, easier & more enjoyable to watch and understand.

As for Ronnie... well, words fail to express his input on the unwritten snooker book, plus I reckon you already know his one-of-a-kind snooker portfolio so I won't bore you with it.

So, buckle-up if you live in Romania and have a ticket for the #SnookerWeekend but also if you are a snooker fan and a friend of the blog, for I shall be covering the events entirely.

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Let's get #RomaniaLovesSnooker trending, shall we? Oh, come on ... I asked for one tiny thing :-P