Steve Davis announces his retirement from snooker

16:49:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

The six-time world champion of the world Steve Davis, has just made public that he is retiring from professional snooker.

The man who dominated the 80s and since then, has been a genuine inspiration for tons of players and a truly ambassador for the sport, has decided to say his farewell to professional snooker.

The 58-year old snooker player lost his place on the Main Tour, but received an invitational card which he used to take part in a  few minor ranking events.

A few weeks ago he was amongst those trying to qualify for the World Championship, a decision he took in memory of his late father who was a genuine moral support throughout his entire career.

Davis made the announced at the Winter Garden from Sheffield, in a BBC interview and added: "I'm delighted to have had such a great time in the game. Lucky in so many ways that your hobby becomes your profession."

As a super fan of Steve Davis I can't but feel sad on hearing the news, but at the same time back his decision 100 per cent and add that he has given snooker elegance, ambition, dedication and has made it so much more entertaining to watch.

Six years ago I was starting this blog inspired by Steve Davis' victory over John Higgins at the World Championship, now I just want to say this: Thank you so much for everything "Nugget"!

You can watch his entire press conference here.