The Snooker Titans Trophy: O'Sullivan sets final with Williams

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The second day and also the last, of the Snooker Titans Trophy will see the likes of Ronnie O'Sullivan and Mark Williams crossing their cues in the grand final.

Saturday marked the start of the #SnookerTitans Trophy´ second edition, with Ronnie O'Sullivan, Stephen Hendry, Jimmy White and Mark Williams starring in the main roles and the Romanian Alex Crișan as the ref in charge of the snooker thrill.

The Circus Arena from Bucharest was packed with snooker fans that have waited probably their entire life to see such a magnificent line-up of players perform, live, just for them. The applauses were a clear sign of their excitement, while the constant cheering only backed the fact.

I, as always, was mesmerized by everything. Seeing the lads in action even for an exhibition match is beyond anything, so I'm afraid my words pale in front of their shine and talent.

The first match brought together the 7-time world champion, Stephen Hendry and the 2-time world champion, 'The Welsh Potting Machine' Mark Williams. Willo won the match by 6-2.

The match began with a break of 40 from MJW, followed by the first century break of evening (105), enough to give the Welshman a good start of 2-0.

Hendry replied with a break of 74 to win his first frame of the match, but his opponent used a 49, won the 5th frame on the black and added a perfect 111 clearance to advance at 4-1 up.

Clearly struggling, Hendry only managed to "return the favour" and won the next frame on the black before Williams closed the deal with runs of 39 and 27 in order to book his place in Sunday's final.

Minutes later it was time for a classic snooker meeting of speed and talent, Ronnie O'Sullivan taking on his good old friend Jimmy White; and also beating him 6-4 in a high-quality match.

Ronnie was the one to break the ice (break of 84), but Jimmy was sure to draw level with a bit of help from a 60 break.

Still, when "The Rocket" started potting like crazy and practically flew all the way to 5-1 (breaks of 43, 110, 72 and 59) we were inclined to think the match will end on a pretty unbalanced note.

White on the other hand, had other plans so he used a myriad of breaks (49, 44 and 105) to pull back three consecutive frames.

Unfortunately though, it was a bit too late as O'Sullivan just needed a 75 to close the match and set the final clash with MJW.

So, exhibition matches or not, these have been a real thrill to watch and some more are to come today as Stephen Hendry will take on Jimmy White (isn't that something?!) while Ronnie and Mark will fight for the final glory - the Snooker Titans Trophy.

For those living in Romania and coming to the #SnookerTitans show, the first match is scheduled to start at 5pm, while the final will kick off from 7pm.

Cue the action, because #RomaniaLovesSnooker !