The Snooker Titans Trophy: Ronnie & Co have landed

15:11:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Today is "Zero Day" as Ronnie O'Sullivan, Stephen Hendry, Mark Williams and Jimmy White are about to cross their cues for the Snooker Titans Trophy - a series of snooker exhibition events held in Romania.

The matches will take place at the Globus Circus Arena from Bucharest today and tomorrow and they actually represent "Episode Two" of the Snooker Titans Trophy series.

A few hours ago at the press conference, the organizer of the event series, Mr Adrian Thiess announced officially that in June "an identical team of players will be gracing Cluj city with their presence for another exhibition match".

"These are actually teasers for the European Championship (A/N the first snooker ranking event to take place in Romania) which will run from 3 to 10 October in Cluj.", added Thiess.

This weekend's matches will be played on the best of 11 rule with Mark Williams and Stephen Hendry being the first to enter in the arena, followed by O'Sullivan and White from 7.30 pm. The ref in charge will be the Romanian Alex Crișan.

Sunday will see "the finals" played firstly between the losing players from Saturday and secondly by the ones who won the day before.

All the players seemed really pleased with how things were going and really looking forward to the matches, White even joking about the fact that if him and Stephen Hendry reach the final it's going to be a tough one as he is "still having nightmares" about how Hendry robbed him the world title four times!
Hendry, on the other hand added that: "I don't expect too much of myself these days for I don't play regular anymore, but it's going to be good fun."

Asked the typical question - if he knows something about Romania, the Scottish player answered that "unfortunately not, but he does know about Dinamo and Steaua" (A/N local football teams) which robbed the audience a genuine laugher.

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