The Best of Snooker Gala - the story, the players, the passion

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On 22nd of May a myriad of great names will delight the Romanian audience hungry for snooker, as Mark Selby, Judd Trump and Neil Roberson will cross their cues in the first ever Best of Snooker gala.

In recent years snooker has been gaining a lot of fans across the planet and Romania is no different from the rest in this regard, as the appetite for snooker has been going through the roof in these past months.

And so it really is no surprise to see the current world champion Mark Selby, the 2010 world champion Neil Robertson and the 2011 UK Championship champion, Judd Trump join forces in some pretty amazing exhibition matches that will take place at the Circus Arena from Bucharest, Romania on May 22nd.

The organizer of Best of Snooker gala has exclusively shared for SML blog how the idea of bringing such great snooker names, came to life:

"The idea of staging the Best of Snooker gala came out of passion for this sport and the desire of seeing the best players in action at the same time and not on the telly. Snooker is a beautiful sport which undoubtedly deserves to be followed LIVE and not in front of the TV screen."

"Once we decided to stage this event, choosing the players was relatively an easy job: we needed only the best, the ones that are in their prime at the moment, players that mesmerise the crowds."

"The first player that came to mind was Neil Robertson (the current world number five), then we decided to contact Mark Selby (the current world champion) who made such a great show this year at the Crucible and who promised us that will bring his best form to Bucharest."

"Having already two top snooker players all that was needed was "The Ace in the Pack" (aka. Judd Trump) to have the winning recipe."

The exhibition matches will kick off on Sunday 22nd of May at the Circus Arena from Bucharest from 7pm sharp.

The first match will feature the names of Judd Trump and Neil Robertson, closely followed by the match between Mark Selby and Judd Trump, only to save the best for last and see Neil Robertson taking on Mark Selby.

And because such a distinguish snooker gala needs a top referee, the organizers brought Belgium's best, Olivier Marteel to take charge, while the Romanian referee Bogdan Gamaleț will act as MC.

But the Best of Snooker gala is actually just the first event out of a series of various ones, the organizer assuring the Romanian fans that:

"We are honoured to bring three of the best snooker players in the world to Bucharest, but we won't stop here. The Best of Snooker gala is more than just an event for us, it's a revolution if you want to call it like that, an outstanding show."

"Thus we have plans for a series of exhibition matches that will take place in other parts of the world also."

That being said, it's easy to see why it's a must for each and every snooker fan to take part in this Best of Snooker "movement" which brings together "la crème de la crème".

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