Ding Junhui takes revenge & wins Shanghai Masters

17:49:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Ding Junhui beat Mark Selby by an astonishing 10-6 scoreline in order to lift this year's Shanghai Masters trophy and take revenge in losing the world title, just a few months ago, when he got beaten 18-14.

The Shanghai Masters title is even more important for Ding, as this event is being held in his home country and celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. Plus, is the lad's 12th ranking title. Go figure!

"The Jester" was the one to break the ice in the grand final, taking an easy 3-1 lead, but Ding was sure to comeback at him at full speed.

And when I say full speed, I really mean it! Breaks of 53, 59, 52 and 75 proved more than enough for a comfortable 6-3 lead as the first session was coming to an end.

But Selby is the master of comebacks, so when the players returned into the arena, hours later, he stopped the root with a break of 76, to which he added a 102 and runs of 33 and 53 to get the scoreboard show a six apiece scoreline.

Still, despite the fact that Ding was practically kept in his seat and when he got to the table was missing to pot any ball, he managed to recover just in time and regain his leadership just before the mid-session interval with a solid break of 97.

Minutes later, runs of 46 and 53 were helping "The Chinese Sensation" to go 8-6 up, while a 73 was getting him one away from victory.

The last frame was a tremendous display o stamina and guts, as Selby kept on fighting even though he was in a desperate need of no less than four snookers.

In the end though, it was clear, Ding Junhui was winning the 2016 Shanghai Masters by 10-6. What a victory for this man!

And the tears that stopped him from articulating a speech were proof enough of how much this meant to him. You can't buy passion like this guy possess. Just sayin' !

This victory also means that Ding will get a much better position in the Top 16, as he changes place 8 for place 6. Well done, champ!

Looking forward now to seeing this guy qualify for the European Masters held in Bucharest, Romania from 3-9 October, so I can see him LIVE in action. What a treat that would be!

By the way, any of you snooker lovers is coming to Bucharest for this event?