Marco Fu gets Scottish Glory

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Marco Fu beat four-time world champion John Higgins 9-4 in the final of the inaugural edition of the Scottish Open, the Hong Kong cue-man being presented with the trophy by the one and only Stephen Hendry.

It's been a crazy week of snooker here in Glasgow so I guess it was to be expected to have a really interesting final too, as Fu had to come back from being 4-1 down. And yes, your calculations are correct, he did win no less than eight frames on a row to get over the victory line.

The start of the match saw a out-of-this-world John Higgins opening with a tremendous 126 total clearance, to which he quickly added a brilliant pair of 101 and 100 to fly at 3-0 up.

Just as the interval was knocking at the door, Fu responded with a great 106, but after the 15-minutes break Higgins re-opened the three-frame advantage with a strategically cued 78.

It was 4-1 and little did we, as John himself, know that this was going to be his last won frame, as Fu closed the first session at four apiece after hitting in breaks of 44, 58 and 54.

The evening session came and with it Fu's dominance who won a scrappy 9th frame to which he added a great 89 to go for the first time in the lead, 6-4.

Frame 11 proved to be quite a dramatic one as Marco missed frame-ball at 59, this allowing Higgins a chance to do some damage. But a poor positional shot on the blue, left him with an awkward position on the last black after potting the pink, thus Fu extending his lead.

A break of 59 was sure to send the Hong Kong cue-man just one away from lifting the Stephen Hendry trophy, while a 60 was closing the deal at 9-4.

An overwhelming victory for Marco Fu, as this is just his 3rd ranking event title.

The champion was cheered and got praised by his opponent, while the seven-time world champion, Stephen Hendry presented him with the glassy trophy. What a night for Marco! What a night!

And what a night for all of us snooker fans as this is the last professional snooker event of the year. Believe it of not, after one hell of a snooker marathon the lads are getting ready to hit the road, but towards some sunny or snowy destinations for the holidays.

See you at the 2017 Masters snooker lovers! ;-)