Interview with Martin Gould

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Martin, in the 2011 PTC Grand Finals
The season has just started but the green baize gladiators are already busy bees, travelling high and low the planet to feed the hungry fans of snooker. Still, through all that practicing, packing, flying, playing, he re-packing and flying back home, Martin Gould fond the time to answer a few questions.

As you all know, Martin is a proud owner of a Top 16 spot, a talented and ambitious player, a very loved and popular figure of the snooker industry and probably one of the most active players on FaceBook, always keeping in touch with his fans.

In the next minutes you'll discover a little bit about the person behind the player, Martin's thoughts on the last season, his expectations about the new one, the amazing victory from last year's Power Snooker tournament and many more.

1. Looking back at the recently ended season, how would you say it was? What were your biggest achievements or/and failures?

Martin: "It was a good start to season, but with a few ups and downs along the way. Surely that getting in Top 16 was the best part as well as playing at my home tournament."

"As for failure … I guess not winning many matches."

At the 2011 Power Snooker tournament
2. You had a good run during the PTC series (reaching the semis two times and the final once) and you were one of the players who took part in every event no matter where it was held. Do you consider this series of events a good chance for a snooker professional player to test his endurance (I say this because for those who reach the final, they have to play four matches per day) ?

Martin: "I do like the PTCs, they are good challenge and indeed I’ve seemed to do well in them since they started. Still I’ve had three finals but lost themall."

3. In November 2011 you managed not only to lift that shiny Power Snooker trophy, but also to beat the defending champion, Ronnie O’Sullivan by doing do. It must have been a great feeling to win over such a tough opponent, especially since many have claimed that this format is fitting O’Sullivan like a glove. Do you remember how you felt in those moments?

Martin: "The Power Snooker win was fantastic! It was a weekend I really enjoyed and game suited me because of my background playing pool. But to come back from 150 points behind to beat Ronnie was the icing on the cake."

"Plus the crowd was unreal! Never felt anything like it."

Martin and his Power Snooker trophy
4. You also reached the QFs of another “speedy” competition (the Shoot-Out). It seems like this new way of playing snooker is getting people attention and they like it. But what’s your opinion about them: events like Power Snooker and Shoot-Out should only happen once a year because classical snooker is the real deal or should they become more frequent?

Martin: "I think the 20/20 style of snooker is a great addition, but yes I do think one of each a year is just perfect in my eyes"

5. We have a brand new season ahead of us, one that requires travelling … a lot. How fond are you of mixing travelling with playing snooker?

Martin: "The travelling is hard, being away from family and friends and my girlfriend Hannah. But I wouldn’t change my job for no-one. I love snooker and entertaining fans all over the world."

6. In July you’re taking on the legend Ken Doherty in the second edition of the Australian Open. What are your thoughts about this snooker encounter?

Martin: "It will be a tough match, but I am looking forward to the challenges ahead and I’ll be trying to get off to a good start this season."

7. What are your expectations from the new season? Maybe you have a title or two to conquer, in mind ;-)

Martin: "I never really set targets. My main aim is to wake up everyday and still be really enjoying playing snooker. I think it’s the best way to be."

At the Brazilian Masters with R. Walden and S. Lee
8. How does a normal Martin-day looks like? How many hours of practice do you have, what do you like to do in the spare time, anything you would like to share.

Martin: "My normal day starts around 7.30 am if I am going to practice. Shower, change, cup of tea, cigarette and then out the door by 8.45 am in order to be at club by 10 am and practice ‘till around 7pm."

"But if I not playing snooker, I relax at home with my PS3, playing games and watching DVDs."

9.  And one last question:

Where do you get the motivation to carry on after a defeat? And also, what’s the recipe for keeping your feet on the ground after a huge victory?

Martin: "Nobody likes losing, but I take it on the chin! Everyone has a bad day and we all know to do better next time."

"I’ve always been level headed so I am able to keep my feet on the ground no matter what. I don’t like to think I am big headed as that’s not my nature"