World Championship - Rocket Ronnie captures fifth title

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The champ Ronnie O'Sullivan and his son
It's not a déjà-vu and you are certainly not dreaming! The miracle (if we might call it that way), had happen and Ronnie O'Sullivan has captured his fifth world title by beating Barry Hawkins 18-12 in the 2013 World Championship Final.

"Blink and you'll miss him!" said Rob Walker's in his intro for the Rocket and boy was he right. The man practically flew towards the victory and although The Hawk put an enormous pressure on him, Ronnie still managed to keep his head straight and go on to win his fifth world title, thus getting a cosy place next to stars like Stephen Hendry (7 world titles), Steve Davis or Ray Reardon (both with 6 titles each).

Barry Hawkins getting his silver medal from Barry Hearn
The last two sessions that were played today only came to reconfirm the fact that O'Sullivan was in the mood for winning, not letting anyone to stand between him and his dream. 

Not even a very talented and eager-to-win Barry Hawkins who reached the final of the World Championship for the first time in his career and who, although didn't succeed to win the title, made a marvellous impression on the audience and on the millions of viewers from home.

The third session ended on a 15-10 scoreline, Hawkins being punished for each and every miss he committed, but the story seemed to change when the last session kicked off and with it, the Hawk's fury.

The finalists: The Hawk and the Rocket
A superb 127 clearance and a 66 break were helping Barry pull back two frames on a row and give a little bit of hope for his fans; than he can do the impossible and get back into the match.

But it wasn't to be, as O'Sullivan used breaks of 77, 88 and another 88 to get on an 18-12 victory and lift the most precious trophy snooker possess.

Fist in the air, a huge smile, sharing this magical experience with his son, Ronnie Jr, emotional interview with Hazel Irwin, trophy raised - that's how 17-day of snooker ended and that's how Ronnie O'Sullivan stunned us again.

Stating that he's here to stay, although he might just play in small events, and that snooker is still part of his life, Ronnie congratulated his opponent, Barry Hawkins, for a tremendous job and for putting  pressure on him.

Fist in the air - Ronnie's done it again!
Little glittery things seems to be poring from the sealing, the hungry flash-lights of the cameras sought the best angle possible, but all I could hear was Queen's song:" [...] I'm a rocket ship on my way to Mars on a collision course/I am a satellite/ I'm out of control [...]" because that's the best possible way to describe Ronnie O'Sullivan.

So peeps this is it! Another 17-days of cue-crossings finished and although it probably wasn't one of the most memorable World Championships, the final was a great one - so, well played Barry Hawkins (for whom I see a great season ahead) and well played Ronnie O'Sullivan (you're not getting anything from me here, the man is too unpredictable!)