Williams conquers Dutch crown

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Mark Williams, the 2013 Rotterdam Open champion

Mark Williams beat his namesake, Mark Selby 4-3 to win Rotterdam Open's first edition and end a dark period of time that kept him away from silverware.

It was back in 2011 when the player nicknamed "The Welsh Potting Machine" was lifting the German Masters trophy by beating the same Mark Selby in the final, by 9-7. It was a very special moment for Williams, but it also proved to be the very last one for some time.

All that changed tonight with the European Players Tour Championship Event Two, that picked Rotterdam as its host.

In a very friendly atmosphere, with a dress code that imposed black polo t-shirts for the players and Jan Verhaas as the ref in charge at the table, the cue battle began.

Mark Selby, the 2013 Rotterdam Open runner-up
First to take his chances was Selby, but his attack was to stop at just 37 points, after losing position. Then came Williams' 36 break followed by runs of 14 and 17 that assured him the first frame.

The ex-world number one didn't seem to bothered by that and with a superb 136 total clearance levelled up the scoreline at one apiece, while a scrappy third frame was putting him in the lead at 2-1.

It's not a secret that Williams' latest performances were ... well, not brilliant so could he cope with this scoreline and get back at the man who was aiming for the title? The answer came quickly enough, under the form of a top break of 51, closely followed by a 67 that was putting him just one away from victory.

Ones of Williams' special shoots
But Selby wasn't ready to give up just yet, more since a terrific 77 clearance was screaming for a decider.

The last frame didn't last too long though, as due to a missed snooker, Williams found his way back to the table and hit a 65 break that was leaving his opponent in need of two snookers. 

A few minutes later Williams was playing the champion's role, a role that he longed for almost two years now.  Who said that rustiness can’t be overcome?