Ronnie O'Sullivan champion in Fürth

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Ronni O'Sullivan, the 2013 Paul Hunter Classic champion
Ronnie O'Sullivan beat Gerard Green by a crystal clear 4-0 scoreline to lift the 2013 Paul Hunter Classic trophy. And the entire deal lasted only 50 minutes, an hour if you count the award ceremony afterwards.

It's been how many? Three mouths since he won the World Championship? Something like that. Since then he's slipped down the rankings (hell, he's not even a Top 16 player, at least not officially), he's written a book that's about to see the light of day in October this year, he's recorded one hell of a defeat against Peter Lines during the previous ET ... so it was about bloody time to see some cracking cue action on the green baize from him, don’t you think?!

It all started with a 4-0 victory over Ahmed Saif, followed by a 4-1 result in front of Chris Wakelin, then another whitewash, this time against Alex Davis and a tight 4-3 with Ants McGill in order to reach the QFs.

Gerard Green - the 2013 Paul Hunter Classic runner-up
There, he found no problem whatsoever to beat Stuart Bingham 4-0 and then Mark Selby by 4-2, so he could meet the man who has had an incredible run during this tournament, Gerard Greene.

But unfortunately for Gerard, the man who's often named "the black sheep" of snooker was in for the kill and the final scoreline says it all.

The start was a bit scrappy, but Ronnie managed to win the opener with runs of 19, 20 and 42. The second frame though, was a completely different story.

Heavy trophy ...
Although O'Sullivan gave no less than 14 penalty points to his opponent, a graceful break of 92 was consolidating his lead at 2-0, to which he added a 69 and 60 to make it just one frame away from victory.

And since during this tournament, surprisingly enough, O'Sullivan didn't make any century breaks, he find it only proper to hit a ton during the last frame. So with a perfect 110, followed by an immense roar from the crowds, The Rocket ended the match and was crowned champion.

... broken trophy :-P
And if you think this is not enough, then be prepared for when Rolf Kalb asked Ronnie how would he describe his performance here in Fürth and how was this final, the Essex-lad started by congratulating his opponent and ended with " ... yeah, so I'm happy". What more can you want?

In this end though, he broke the trophy (by mistake) when he and Gerard were taking their pictures. So, as my friend from Hungary Kiss Zsolt, said: this is surely "The moment of the year".