So this is Christmas ...

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... and what have you dooooone. Another year over, a new one just begun" or so said John Lennon. However, since this is my blog and not his, I have thoughts of my own. Isn't that something?!

First of all I wish to thank all of you, yeah you and you and you and you there reading this in your pajamas with a cup of tea in your hands and you sir with that beautiful hangover and you madam with your fluffy pink slippers.

So where was I? Yes, I want to send a big and heartfelt "Thank you"to all of you, my readers, the mighty snooker fans who have found this blog a place to return to this last year and the years before that.
"Snooker, my love" is approaching its 4thyear of life and I'm proud and honored to say that all this is happening because of you.

Second of all, I would like to share a few little secrets with you: the blog will be changing a bit. I have bold projects of "re-dressing" it a bit and adding new sections and get more interviews for you.

Many of you know that I had a crappy job who took most of my time and so I had little time to spend with you through my blog and watch what was happening on the green baize. Thank God, that is over! Now I have a new job ... that's taken over my life!!! Only joking.

Actually I have a lot of work, but it's something I like doing so this leaves me with much more energy to carry on with my special and beloved project of blogging about snooker.

All that being said I do have to share with you that even if in 2014 I won't get to see the marvellous World Championship at Sheffield (I'm short on money I'm afraid), I have a plan of coming over for the UK Championship. It might be on winter time and I might just pass out on the plane (since I hate flying and more than that, flying on bad weather), but I'm making it one of my missions.

"I am a woman, on a mission Oho Whoo" - a bit of Gabriela Cilmi there, for les connoisseurs (uuu, getting a bit French, must stop that)

So, that being said ... what else I can add? Oh, yeah I have a little present for you.

Got a few thoughts from some very special people that love snooker and are part of the snooker history and asked them to share with you a few of their experience with snooker over the last year.

So would you please put your hands up as I invite: Michaela Tabb, Martin Gould, Marcilio Cavalcanti and Hannah Jones to enter the stage!!!!!!!!!!! *cue for applause

 "The highlight of my year was going to the first ranking in India! I loved being a part if the history with such amazing people... A great honour... Merry Christmas everyone!!"

- Michaela Tabb - snooker ref

"All my friends who live in the world of snooker know that despite the televised snooker and physical growth in much of the world, is due to growth in Asia (China) and in some European countries. Snooker is still boring for many viewers, because the rules were not appropriate for television. 

I hope that in 2014 the missing rule be abolished giving way to free ball. 25 seconds are more than required for each shot and up to 3 extensions 25 seconds for each frame. I cannot agree with PTC's wearing all players, for they are unprofitable and distant. I still think the top 16 or 8 should be guaranteed in major tournaments."

- Marcilio Cavalcanti - Chairman of Brazil Association of Professional Snooker

"Well, 2013 was a good start as I won the Sky Shoot Out. The atmosphere was electric and they kept singing my name nonstop which was great so it made me change my walk on music as a thank you to my fans. Then I won the Championship League which is only top 25 players in the world that filled me with a lot of confidence. 

But the rest of 2013 has been mixture of good and bad for me. 2014 is another big year and it's time to get my hands on some more trophies. Also, I joined SightRight Cues which has helped me 100%. It's the best thing I ever did.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a very happy new year! Much love Martin (Gouldyballs (twitter name) Gould xx "

- Martin Gould - snooker player

"My 2013 has been Brilliant. I am proud that I passed all of my exams at school and I am happy to be doing what I love. Playing snooker full time is hard work, and it has its ups and downs, but I am enjoying it.

I am grateful for the support team I have around me who are helping me to become a better player and a better person. I thank everyone for their continued support. I don't really have a "best moment" of the year, I have just enjoyed every second of it, playing the best I can and getting through the good and bad times, improving my game and doing what I love. 

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I wish you all a fantastic New Year! "

- Hannah Jones - snooker player 

And with your permission, here's something from me too:

I wish you all a very happy Christmas! May you all get your wishes to come true, may you all be happy, surrounded by friends, family and your dear ones.

I feel privileged to have spent with you yet another year and get to share with all of you my passion for snooker. Here's for the future!

Take care everyone and don't forget to dream, for dreams tend to come true ... if you believe in them ;-)