Happy birthday Ken Doherty!

13:30:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

We are extremely happy to celebrate "The Darling of Dublin" Ken Doherty today!

The Irishman in one of the nicest snooker players on tour and, may I add, has an unmistakable laughter but when it comes to serious businesses he is a ferocious player on the old green baize.

SML blog would like to wish him a heartfelt "Happy birthday" and best of luck in the new snooker season. Hope to see more of him on the table, rather than in the commentary box (although his commentary work is always spot-on).

P.S. As a special bonus for the readers of this blog, I would like to add that fact that Ken's autobiography is one of the best I have ever read, so if you haven't read it by now, please do. It's very inspirational and honest.