2015 UK Championship - Getting ready for an Australian-Asian final

11:54:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

The 2015 Betway UK Championship final will definitely be a special one, as the likes of Neil Robertson and Liang Wenbo are going to perform in it after no less than 11 days of snooker clashes of styles.

China's Liang Wenbo earned his place in the final by beating world number 81 David Grace 6-4 in a terrific and extremely tense semi-final.

The battle started with a 42 minutes frame which found its conclusion with Grace missing the pink and Liang taking the opener on the black and continued in a pretty balanced way although the interval was finding Grace in control at 3-1 up.

Frame five meant the revival of Liang, whose break of 110 was bringing more fluency into the match, but that changed completely during the following frames.

The Englishman managed to restore his two-frames lead at 4-2, but Liang was determined to produce a full comeback. A place at the January's Masters was also in question here.

Two scrappy frames later the scoreboard was displaying a 4-4 scoreline, which pretty much brought Wenbo's confidence back, enough to help him hit a 50 break and take the lead for the first time since being 1-0 up.

He held the upper hand during the following (and also last) frame a break of 47 giving him a slightly advantage, but Grace fought back with a 40 one before losing position.

A few safety shots later, David was in the limelight when ... pressure hit again making him miss the pink in a carbon-copy-first-frame-kind-of-way!!!

This meant a lifeline for Wenbo who executed the same game of potting pink and black as he did at the beginning of the match to get his well-deserved place in the final.

A tremendous jump-of-joy was performed as he potted the final black. The tension was now over.

The evening came and with it the Neil Robertson v. Mark Selby match; which many of us would have thought it will finish on a slightly different result taking into the account "the gravity" of the players.

In the end though, the scoreboard showed a 6-0 victory for Robertson, although, in all fairness, the battle itself was way tighter.

Selby had a very strong start but he limited his first contribution at just 52 points after missing the pink, Robertson taking full advantage and getting the first frame under his belt.

The history repeated itself during the next frame, when Selby made a 55 break which got a 69 as a reply, Robertson winning this one on the last black.

A 53 and a 60 break were enough to offer the Aussie a great 4-0 lead as the mid-session interval was kicking off, while Selby was finding himself in all sorts of trouble.

The 5th frame made its debut with an early missed red from Neil, Selby finally finding his flow ... or not? Sadly enough his break was cut short at just 49 as he missed the blue, Robertson returning to the table to win yet another frame on the black.

The last frame was a classical scrapper, only that this time Selby's way of handling this type of situations wasn't successful despite his numerous tries.

Neil won the frame, ironically on the black, but also got the most precious gift of all: a place in the final.

So we have an Australian-Asian clash this Sunday, with the first session starting from 1pm, while the last one will d├ębut at 7pm (UK time). Be sure to follow the lads at work!