Stunning Selby wins 2016 UK Championship

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Mark Selby beat Ronnie O'Sullivan 10-7 in the final of the 2016 Betway UK Championship. This is Selby's second UK title, the first being won back in 2012 when he beat Shaun Murphy by 10-6.

It's been one hell of a year for the Leicester man, Selby winning the World Championship, the Paul Hunter Classic, the International Championship, being a runner-up for the Shanghai Masters and not to mention retaining his world number one spot. None of these were easy tasks.

So, when we saw him reaching the final of this year's UK Championship and having to face one of the finest and most talented snooker players in the sport's history, we knew this was going to be a real treat.

There's a bit of rivalry between these two, not to mention the fact that they have very different ways of  playing and approaching certain situations, so we were on for something really dramatic.

The start of the match was a very balanced one O'Sullivan opening in grand style with a tremendous 124 break, while his opponent was drawing by taking the next frame.

The scoreboard was showing a perfect 2-2 tie at the interval, but things changed dramatically after the 15-minutes break as Selby stormed in with breaks of 63, 51, 58 and 87 to end the first session in the leading chair, at 6-2.

When, hours later, the lads returned into the arena Selby used a top break of 56 to continue his good run, but this time O'Sullivan answered with a 56 and a break of 80 to win his first frame of the evening to which he added a very elegant steal in frame 11 and a brilliant 134 clearance to trail 7-5.

After the mini-session interval Selby seemed more composed and managed to raise the bar with a gorgeously cued 137 break, to which Ronnie responded with a 130 and an 82 thus reducing his deficit at just one frame, 8-7.

However, Selby had other plans in mind, "The Jester from Leicester" securing his victory with beautiful breaks of 134 and 107.

The champion received a standing ovation and was soon hugged by his sweet daughter Sofia and wife Vikky.

Oh, and he also cashed the prize money (aka. £170,000) and got to lift one of the most beautiful snooker trophies ever (admit it, it's very nice!)

Just one day of rest for the snooker players, that's how the snooker schedule looks like, as from December 6th until the 9th, the lads will be crossing their cues at the Barnsley Metrodome, in the German Masters qualifying rounds.