History in the making: O'Sullivan hits 1000 century breaks

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Ronnie O'Sullivan wrote one of the most important chapters in snooker's history after making his 1000th century break, tonight in Preston, while also winning the Players Championship.

We've seen him with a white towel on his head, we've seen him with one shoe, playing in sneakers, leaving the arena during a match, crying with excitement, making the fastest 147 break to this date, lift no less than five World Championship trophies, picking his nose, biting his nails, sharing autographs, kicking photographs out of the arena, writing novels, helping those in need, catching an Aussie accent, break record after record and ... tonight he's done is again.

Today's final, against Neil Robertson was pretty much a one-way-traffic snooker affair, "The Rocket" imposing his superior cue style right from the very first session which ended on 7-2.

This didn't leave too much to be done to his opponent, although Robertson tried (and also managed) to pull back a couple of frames during the evening session.

However, O'Sullivan was on fire and there was no way this victory could be denied to him. Century breaks no 997, 998 and 999 were previewing what was about to be an epic last frame that was going to break down a new world snooker record: 1000 century breaks!

The 1000th century break was pure awesomeness and snooker bliss, which got zero responses from Robertson, who was just enjoying the show from his seat, like the rest of us.

Probably you won't witness another time in snooker history when, after the 1000th century break was made, the audience was left on cheering for every single pot that Ronnie was cueing. Well, at least not at a proper snooker tournament you won't (Snooker Shoot Out mean remark in order).

Thus, the victory was sealed at 10-4, Ronnie receiving the Players Championship trophy along with a £125,000 cheque.

Of course that words pale in front of such an achievement, but it's only fair and normal to add our congratulations to "The Rocket" and feel damn privileged to be living these times.

Today snooker's history got one of the best chapters written ... and you can re-see it here.

P.S. The friends of the blog might wonder why I/ve decided to start re-writing all of the sudden, but for Christ sake, if this is not something to be writing about, I don't know what it is!

Photos credit: World Snooker