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A constantly growing collection of interviews with snooker players, referees, promoters, fans and so on.

1. "A Norwegian snooker story with Anita Rizzuti" (my first interview with a very dear friend of mine, Anita Rizzuti; she is the best female snooker player that Norway has and her story will capture your attention for sure. Come on, don`t be shy and give it a try!)

2. "The Snooker Legends tour - Behind the baize" (an interview with Mr. Jason Francis, the one that has made snooker fans` dream come true - to see the snooker legends playing and touring all around the UK. See how everything started, the story behind this great event and some inside stories).

3. "A musical tribute for Alex “Hurricane” Higgins" (a great tribute paid to the one and only Alex Higgins by John McNally the author and singer of "Alex was the man". This piece follows the story behind the song and how a genuine snooker fan from FaceBook has had plenty to do with making this extraodinary tribute known by the public).

4. "The South West Snooker Academy - out of passion for snooker" (an interview with Mr. Paul Mount and his lovely daugther Sarah about how the SWSA was put together and how passion and hard work can accomplish anything - click here for part I and part II).

5. "An interview with David Grace – the Q School Event One graduate" (this piece deserves all of your attention for it is about a young man who has given it 100% to make it on the Main Tour. A lesson of life about a very determined, talented and passionate snooker player).

6. "Meet the Joneses – the Snooker Loopy family" (returning to an area that`s not very well promoted - female snooker players - the interview introduces the beautiful and ambitious snooker player, Hannah Jones along with his father, Mark Jones. A nice story about how family and snooker get along - click here for part I and for part II).

7. " Ten minutes with the top ref Eirian Williams" (one of my proudest moments - interviewing the one and only Eirian Williams! A "fast article" that will give you the chance to know a bit more about the man behind the referee).

8. "Carmelita Yumito – the queen of Sinuca" (a very different interview with the top Sinuca player Carmelita Yumito; find out more about what's Sinuca, about snooker in Brazil and about a female player that made it happen and has conquered her titles one by one; a genuine story about a devoted player)

9. "Snooker made in Scotland" (a ample interview with Alan Craig, the Managing Director of Caledonian Snooker Ltd. about how snooker is evolving in Scotland; it's a different article, this time the main goal being to see how snooker is managed and not played)

10. "Belgium's best - Wendy Jan" ( going back to a subject that needs coverage and support from all of us "female snooker"; this time, Wendy Jans from Belgium is the main star and she was kind enough as to share with me how important snooker is for her and how does she keep on winning one title after another)

11. "The Snooker Balkaniada - Serbia on snooker's map" (one of the most interesting subjects I have ever covered about how snooker is evolving in Serbia. It's practically the story of a team of snooker lovers that have decided to put all their energy into making snooker known in their lovely country. The President of the Serbian Snooker Association, Marko Vukovic was very kind as to share his stories and thoughts about how snooker made its first steps in Serbia.)

12. "Interview with Germany's best - Lasse M√ľnstermann" ( we all know that Germany loves snooker, but how hard is it for a German snooker player to become a pro? Lasse M√ľnstermann takes us on a very interesting journey through the ups and downs of what being a proper snooker player really means)

13. "Sheffield - the city that's in love with snooker" (walk with me in Sheffield and discover how this city has developed such a strong bond with snooker. It's a beautiful love affair story confirmed by the Lord Mayor (Councillor Dr Sylvia Dunkley), the 1986 world champion Joe Johnson and World Snooker spokesman Ivan Hirschowitz.)

14. "Ten minutes with top ref Brendan Moore" (continuing the last year's series, here you have the chance to get to know more about one of the finest snooker referees, Mr Brendan Moore).

15. "Photographing a photographer - Interview with Monique Limbos" (a very special piece about a very special person who's "hidding" behind the camera and takes the most amazing pictures ever so we can have our share of snooker show. Monique was so kind as to grant me this interview, letting everyone to know more about the person who makes us feel like we are part of the action when we admire her work. It's a must read!)

15. "Interview with Martin Gould" ( catch up with one of the best players in the Top 16 at the beginning of the new season. Martin shares his thoughts about his Power Snooker trophy, tells us about how he sees snooker, how does a normal day looks like for him and many more.)

16. "Snooker in the Netherlands - the future is bright, the future is orange" (a very dear piece to my heart about how people really do make a difference, about how dedication and hard work really pay off and about how ambition and talent have brought the Dutch cue sport on the world wide map of snooker).

17. "The Snooker Legends phenomenon" (a look back on the Snooker Legends tour and on one of the first interviews I've written - a truly amazing journey down memory lane that will help you see behind the curtains of the wonderful Snooker Legends Tour).

18. "Alex Crisan - out of passion for snooker" (an interview with international snooker ref Alex Crisan about what it takes to start from zero and follow your passion. The article presents Alex's journey from Romania to the grandiose arenas where snooker is played only by the best. Part one can be read here and part two here).

more to come ...