Mark "The Shark" ready to attack

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Mark has his eye on the World Open
The new format of the World Open, the best of five frames (excluding the final, which is the best of nine), is becoming more and more popular among the players. Some time ago I was telling you about Stephen Hendy who eyed this tournament and was very confident to win it; moreover that it is held in his beautiful country, Scotland. :)
But yesterday Mark Selby also announced to be quite enthusiastic about his winning chances regarding the World Open which will take place in Glasgow from 18-26 September, according to website.
“There is added pressure when you are playing best of fives. I don’t tend to feel nervous when a match goes close, because I’m able to draw on the experience of winning tight matches in the past, and I’ve won more final-frame deciders than most players. On the other hand, I can be a slow starter in matches so it could be over for me very quickly!", said Mark.

Selby, is now world number 9, but taking into account his wonderful performance, I date to say that very soon will get a better place in the world rakings. :) Until now, he’s won the Players Tour Championship 2 event and the "Six-Reds" Tour from Thailand, and to be honest the new "speedy" format of the World Open suits him best, for he is a Shark, ready to take over the world...the snooker world I mean! :))

Mark: the shark who knows his snooker business :)
He’s 27 years old and until this beautiful age, he has won twice the Masters (in 2008, beating Stephen Lee with an incredible 10-3 score and in 2010, beating Ronnie O`Sullivan in a tight finale 10-9), he has a Welsh Open title (2008, beating the same Ronnie 9-8) and won the Warsaw Snooker Tour in 2007, beating John Higgins 5-3; and since we are talking about Higgins, Mark had another encounter with him that year, at the Crucible Theatre, in the grand finale, where he lost though 18-13 to John.

What’s really missing from Selby’s portfolio is a new major ranking title (the Welsh Open was two years ago!!!) and the World Open tournament seems like the perfect target; well, to be honest a world champion title will also come in handy by now, but we have a long way until that championship.:)
"I’ve been consistent so far but the season is twice as long as it was before so there’s a long way to go and I hope I haven’t peaked too early. Usually if you are in a purple patch it lasts for at least a few weeks, so it’s good for me that there are a lot of tournaments coming up and hopefully I can keep playing well.", declared Selby.

Do you remember the shark from “Finding Nemo"? It was on some sort of therapy and was obsessively repeating the sentence “Fish are friends, not food!". But at the smell of blood, its animal instincts were way ahead the therapy! :)) I think that’s the deal with our beloved Mark, for he seems very calm and peaceful when he talks about snooker, but believe me, he’s ready to attack! :P He knows his value and his potential and he’s not afraid to show his snooker talents when the situation demands it. And that’s how it supposes to be! He is a tremendous player, has an outstanding inner-strength and the snooker fans adore him! :)
So "Go, Mark the Shark!!!" Below you have a song (Blondie) that I think it relates to Mark’s declaration, for the lyrics are saying: ""One way or another I'm gonna find ya/I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha/One way or another I'm gonna win ya!!! " :))