The South West Snooker Academy reduces entry fee for the QSP

16:34:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

The entry fee for the QSP series of 4 events has been reduced to £350.

This change has been made in response to calls from several players we are in close contact with, of the standard that the QSP series is aimed at . The players have asked if there is anything we can do, during these difficult times and so close to Christmas, to reduce the costs to the players without reducing the quality of the series of Tournaments.

As an organisation focused on offering what the players want, at a reasonable price, we have decided to act.
After discussing the QSP series with these players, to identify what they wanted from the series and what we were planning to do, we were able to identify things that would be costly for the Academy that were not seen as essential to the players.

Therefore in order to reduce the entry fee and to satisfy the players needs we have decided the following:-

1. Not to re-cloth the tables before every event as this is viewed by the players, probably quite rightly so, as overkill.
a. We will re-cloth at our planned times during the year, to maintain our standards, therefore the cost will be carried by the overall Academy budget and not a cost directly linked to the QSP event.
2. Minimise the use of referees during the event with only the latter stages of each event having a referee. The previous rounds will be self-refereed by the players.
3. Not to have a table fitter on site throughout the event.

The prize fund remains unchanged as do the 4 scholarship places.
This change in entry fees means that the Academy will, in round terms, pay out £1,000 in prize money for every £1,550 received in entry fees.

Note - The 4 Scholarships are not included in the cash prize calculation and are an additional prize with no cash equivalent. If any of the top 4 players in the series do not take up the scholarship their place will be awarded by concession.
Anyone who has already entered will be refunded £150 of their entry fee.