Players Tour Championship Event 2 2011 -Trump shines in Gloucester

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He is the champions my friends, cos he kept on fighting...
year's Players Tour Championship Event Two in order to collect his second PTC title, beating heavy names like Neil Robertson, Yu Delu, Fergal O'Brien and Ding Junhui.
Two re-enactments occurred, the match he played against Robbo reminding us of the youngster's 2011 World Championship first round match, but the history repeated itself and he won again this time by 4-3, while the final cue battle he had against Ding brought back some memories from the same World Championship (the semis). Once again, the player with a fancy haircut managed to repeat his performance and beat China's Sensation once more.

Ding Junhui had a pretty good run himself at this PTC, ending on a tight 4-3 with Graeme Dott, beating Ryan Day 4-2, only to see himself face his fellow-country, Yu Delu in the semi-finals. However, he was merciless and fought until the last drop of energy, winning 4-3. Maybe that cause the following defeat, or maybe Judd Trump was just playing superbly ... take it as you wish, but one thing it's clear: while Ding is a very fine player, Juddy played better and deserved that victory 100%.

Ding Junhui, runner-up at the PTC Event 2
The 2011 World Championship runner-up made a spectacular 141 against Neil Robertson and hit a perfect 121 during the final he played with Ding. He beat Justin Astley, Mark Allen and Mark Davis 4-2 to qualify for the final day of this competition and has proved that his recent winnings and snooker achievements aren't pure coincidences and that the fame and glory didn't mess with his focusing capability. It is very easy to lose your head after a great season, a great victory, or even a great match, but Judd is different and he enjoys too much snooker and winning, rather than to become a haughty person I dare to say.
So, with a lot of confidence in his playing style, talent, ambition and a series of 81, 68 and 121 Judd Trump wins Players Tour Championship Event 2 mini-tournament.

This concludes our five days in Gloucester, at the South West Snooker Academy and I'm glad that this competition has brought together such great names and such wonderful performances from youngsters like Sam Baird, Liam Highfield, Adam Duffy and the list continues. It is really a thrill to see that the young generation takes so much interest in snooker and wants to make the most of each opportunity to play against the grand names in business. Hopefully they will continue their great performance and enrich snooker with their freshness and corky playing style.

Below you can check last day list of results:

Last 16
Jamie Burnett 1-4 Xiao Guodong
Rory McLeod 4-3 Jak Jones
Dave Harold 2-4 Ryan Day
Graeme Dott 3-4 Ding Junhui
Adam Duffy 3-4 Yu Delu
Neil Robertson 3-4 Judd Trump
Liam Highfield 3-4 Ronnie O'Sullivan
Fergal O'Brien 4-2 Ali Carter

Xiao Guodong 4-1 Rory McLeod
Ryan Day 2-4 Ding Junhui
Yu Delu 1-4 Judd Trump
Ronnie O'Sullivan 3-4 Fergal O'Brien

Xiao Guodong 3-4 Ding Junhui
Judd Trump 4-0 Fergal O'Brien

Ding Junhui 0-4 Judd Trump