Players Tour Championship Event 6 (2011) - Day 3

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Xiao gets a place into the Last 16
Hard battles of cues were given yesterday in the beautiful capital of Poland, Warsaw for the last eight places of the Last 16 round. Most of the matches saw all their frames being consumed and so the glorious and sometimes unfair decider was the one that had the last word on who's going on the next stage.

Although China had two powerful players that managed to reach the third round, only one of them got a place into the forth one. Xiao Guodong whitewashed Adam Wicheard 4-0, hammered Scotland's Scott Mackenzie 4-1 and ended on a tight 4-3 against the Thai James Wattana, while his fellow-country, even though obtained victories of 4-2 over Aditya Mehta and 4-1 in front of David Gilbert, found himself being crashed 4-0 by Ricky Walden.

A long-waited victory for Ricky Walden
And since we are on the Ricky Walden subject, I must add that this is the first time that Ricky succeeds to get a place into the Last 16. He's always had great runs during the PTCs but somehow he always managed to lose the last match of the day. Until now, that is. Besides that 4-0 against Cao he also defeated Mitchell Mann by the same scoreline and applied a 4-1 over Andrew Norman.

Ireland's got a place into the next round also, thanks to Fergal O'Brien's results of 4-1 against Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon, 4-2 in front of Li Yan and 4-3 by playing Jamie Jones, Joe Swail recorded a 4-3 against a very musical Robbie Williams, continued by hammering Anthony McGill 4-1 and finished his day with another 4-3, this time in front of Paul Davison, while the PTC event Three champion, Ben Woollaston, used scorelines of 4-2 over Phil O'Kane and Chris Norbury and a very decisive 4-1 with Craig Steadman in order to catch a spot in the Last 16 too.

Can Woollaston win another PTC?
The two former world champions, Shaun Murphy and Neil Robertson didn't want to disappoint their fans and so they decided to give their best and prolong their staying in this tournament for as long as possible. For Robertson a 4-2 against Daniel Wells and a 4-3 with Gerard Greene and  Peter Ebdon seemed to be enough for another day in Warsaw, while for Murphy scorelines like 4-2 over Jak Jones, 4-3 in front of Stuart Carrington and 4-1 with Adam Duffy have surely done the trick.

Scotland's Stephen Maguire had also a good day of cueing through the balls, ending his first match with David Hogan on 4-1, while the last two saw a tight 4-3 scoreline being recorder against "The Sheriff of Pottingham" Anthony Hamilton and Michael Holt.

Below you can check Day 3 list of results:


33. Graeme Dott 4-0. Krzysztof Gorniak

34. Jamie Jones 4-1 Michal Ebert

35. Fergal O'Brien 4-1 Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon

36. Li Yan 4-0 Adrian Materek

37. Scott MacKenzie 4-3 Micheal Wasley

38. Xiao Guodong 4-0 Adam Wicheard

39. James Wattana 4-2 Alex Davies

40. Peter Lines 4-0 Adam Polak

45. Robbie Williams 3-4 Joe Swail

46. Anthony McGill 4-0 Reanne Evans


47. Dechewat Poomjaeng w/o Lucky Vatnani

48. Luca Brecel 3-4 Paul Davison

50. Joe Perry 3-4 Gerard Greene

51. Mike Dunn w/o Liu Song w/o

52. Passakorn Suwannawat 2-4 Peter Ebdon

53. Michael Holt 4-1 Robert Milkins



10. David Gilbert 4-2 Kacper Filipiak

54. Jimmy Robertson 4-1 Shane Castle

55. Stephen Maguire 4-1 David Hogan

56. Liam Highfield 0-4 Anthony Hamilton


57. Jak Jones 2-4 Shaun Murphy

58. Matthew Stevens 1-4 Stuart Carrington

60. Adam Duffy 4-3 Zhang Anda

61. Craig Steadman 4-2 Adrian Gunnell


9. Aditya Mehta 2-4 Cao Yupeng

11. Andrew Norman 4-2 Martin O'Donnell

12. Ricky Walden 4-0 Mitchell Mann

49. Neil Robertson 4-2 Daniel Wells


59. Ali Carter w/o Wiktor Doberschuetz

62. Joe Jogia 3-4 Sam Harvey

63. Jamie Cope 2-4 Chris Norbury

64. Ben Woollaston 4-2 Phil O'Kane


81. Graeme Dott 3-4 Jamie Jones

82. Fergal O’Brien 4-2 Li Yan

83. Scott Mackenzie 1-4 Xiao Guodong

84. James Wattana 4-2 Peter Lines

87. Joe Swail 4-1 Anthony McGill

88. Dechawat Poomjaeng 3-4 Paul Davison

89. Neil Robertson 4-3 Gerard Greene

90. Liu Song 0-4 Peter Ebdon

69. Cao Yupeng 4-1 David Gilbert

70. Andrew Norman 1-3 Ricky Walden


91. Michael Holt 4-2 Jimmy Robertson

92. Stephen Maguire 4-3 Anthony Hamilton

93. Shaun Murphy 4-3 Stuart Carrington

94. Wiktor Doberschuetz 0-4 Adam Duffy

95. Craig Steadman 4-1 Sam Harvey

96. Chris Norbury 2-4 Ben Woollaston


105. Jamie Jones 3-4 Fergal O’Brien

106. Xiao Guodong 4-3 James Wattana

108. Joe Swail 4-3 Paul Davison

109. Neil Robertson 4-3 Peter Ebdon

110. Cao Yupeng 0-4 Ricky Walden

111. Michael Holt 3-4 Stephen Maguire

112. Shaun Murphy 4-1 Adam Duffy

99. Craig Steadman 1-4 Ben Woollaston

Today’s matches schedule:

Last 16 (10am)

Judd Trump 4-3 Matthew Selt

Ricky Walden 4-0 Liu Chuang

Steve Davis 4-3 Mark King

Jack Lisowski 4-3 Liang Wenbo

Fergal O’Brien 3-4 Xiao Guodong

Stephen Lee 4-2 Joe Swail

Neil Robertson 4-3 Stephen Maguire

Shaun Murphy 4-2 Ben Woollaston

Quarter-finals (1pm)

Judd Trump v. Ricky Walden

Steve Davis v. Jack Lisowski

Xiao Guodong v. Stephen Lee

Neil Robertson v. Shaun Murphy

Semi-final (4pm)

Final (8pm)

TV coverage:

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