The curtain falls on *Snooker, my love* blog

13:47:00 Ramona Dragomir 2 Comments

It was the summer of  2010 (21st of July to be more precise) when "Snooker, my love" blog first saw the light of day and it's been such an amazing and terrific journey ever since.

I've learned so much along the way, known so many people and experienced so much snooker, that 8 years later I can honestly look at myself in the mirror and see a better person than I was when I started all this.

It was never my intention to penetrate the "snooker media market" or get international recognition for writing about snooker, but somehow, along the way, it just happened. I am glad it did.

This blog saved my life in more than one way and it will continue to do so, even if today I've decided to write the last article.

My love for the game of snooker and my passion for what it stands for, will never vanish, but sometimes, some things, must come to an end, so better ones can begin.

I have had the pleasure to know and even met many of the readers of "Snooker, my love" blog and it's been a thrill. This would have never happened without you. Thank you for that!

What an amazing achievement it is to remain friends and build connections with people that share the same passions and interests as you! To feel that you are not alone in a world that is slowly and sadly turning into an iceberg! You can't buy stuff like that!

Many of you know that this blog started as a personal project, something that I felt I need to do, for a sport that saved me when I was in a very dark point in my life. Now, I feel like I have given back all that I could.

I would just like to give my sincerest thanks to all the people that stood by my side along this snooker journey, starting with you, my dears readers, and continuing with the ones that took the time to grant me interviews, answer my feverishly written e-mails and helped me see snooker as a press officer.

It's been a genuine privilege to know Lewis Ward and Ivan Hirschowitz from World Snooker in person (big thanks guys for an incredible Masters experience), the omniscient Matt Huart (I have learned so much form you!) but also to interview face to face our only top Romanian snooker ref, Alex Crișan.

Of course I can't but also thank all those who preferred to throw stones at me, than support a sport that needs to grow in popularity. You've made this journey even more exciting.

The blog and snooker itself have had an immense positive impact on my life and they helped me developed as an individual, but also as a professional, so it's impossible to just say STOP at all of it.

That's why I will continue to support snooker and go to tournaments and show my appreciation for the players who work so hard yet are so easily critiqued by commentators and the so-called sport fans. So, although part of this marvelous journey stops here, another part of it will continue.

Keep the love for snooker alive my snooker loopies and fight for this sport in every way you can!

Over and out ...

P.S. Some very special thanks go to the one and only, Steve Davis - the man who has not just inspired me to pick myself off the ground and start doing what I love the most (which is writing), but also to never stop believing in myself.


That's really a pity, Ramona, but of course totally understandable. Good luck with all your future plans and projects!

Thanks a million! 😊